Hands-On Training

GuardLogix Application Development and Troubleshooting

Course Number-SAF-LOG104

Course Purpose:

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to create a Studio 5000 Logix Designer® project for a GuardLogix® system and troubleshoot a previously operational GuardLogix system.

You will have the opportunity to develop and practice these skills by:

• Learning GuardLogix concepts and terminology
• Creating and configuring a GuardLogix project:
• Adding and configuring CompactBlock™ Guard I/O™ and
• POINT Guard I/O™ safety modules:
• Generating Safety Signatures and locking/unlocking a GuardLogix controller
• Programming safety instructions
• Troubleshooting a GuardLogix project

Who Should Attend

This course is intended for individuals who need to configure and start up PowerFlex 750-Series drives.


To successfully complete this course, the following prerequisites are required:

• Understanding of international machine safety standards

• Verified completion of either of the following courses:
- Studio 5000 Logix Designer Level 3: Project Development (Course Number CCP143)
- Accelerated Logix 5000 Programmer Certificate Course Level 1 (Course Number CCP250)

Course Agenda

Day 1

  • Identifying GuardLogix Controller Functionality
  • Identifying GuardLogix System Hardware Components
  • Configuring GuardLogix Controller Properties and Safety Options
  • Configuring Guard I/O Safety Modules for a GuardLogix Project
  • Downloading and Uploading a GuardLogix Project

Day 2

  • Producing and Consuming GuardLogix Safety Data Over an EtherNet/IP Network and Mapping Safety Tags
  • Programming a Dual Channel Input Stop Instruction
  • Programming a Dual Channel Input Stop with Test and Mute Instruction
  • Programming Sensor Muting Instructions
  • Programming a Configurable Redundant Output Instruction
  • Programming a Five Position Mode Selector Instruction
  • Programming a Safety Mat Instruction

Day 3

Troubleshooting GuardLogix Controller Problems
Troubleshooting and Replacing Guard I/O Safety Modules
Integrated Practice: Programming Safety Instructions
Integrated Practice: Troubleshooting GuardLogix System Components

Kirby Risk Training Cancellation Policy

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