Hands-On Training

ControlLogix/Studio 5000 Logix Designer Studio 5000 Logix Designer Level 4: Kinetix 5700 (CIP) Programming

Course Number-CCN144-A

Course Purpose:

After completing this course, you should be able to configure, test, tune, and program CIP Motion™ axes using the Studio 5000 Logix Designer® application. Building upon the skills gained in the Studio 5000 Logix Designer Level 3: Project Development (CCP143) course, you will learn how to apply the Logix5000™ architecture to a multi-axis CIP™ motion control system. You will also practice efficient programming skills necessary for translating a machine specification document into reliable ladder logic code. Because all Logix5000 products share common features and a common operating system, you will be able to apply the motion control configuring and programming skills you learn in this course to any of the Logix5000 controllers that are capable of motion control.

Who Should Attend

Individuals who need to configure and program Logix5000 motion control systems should attend this course. In addition, only students who are already familiar with Logix5000 systems and general motion control should attend this course.


To successfully complete this course, the following prerequisites are required:

• Completion of the Motion Control Fundamentals course (Course No. CCN130) or equivalent knowledge of or experience with motion drives, feedback devices, and velocity and position loop systems

• Completion of the Studio 5000 Logix Designer Level 3: Project Development course (Course No. CCP143) or equivalent experience

Course Agenda


• Configuring a Studio 5000 Logix Designer Project for Integrated Motion over an EtherNet/IP Network

• Adding and Configuring EtherNet/IP Drives and Configuring CIP Servo Axes

• Testing Hardware for Integrated Motion Over an EtherNet/IP Network

• Tuning Axes over an EtherNet/IP Network

• Applying Programming Best Practices for Integrated Motion Applications Over an EtherNet/IP Network


• Programming Instructions to Turn on and Turn off Servo Control

• Programming Instructions to Home and Stop Axes

• Programming Instructions to Move and Jog Axes

• Programming Shutdown and Recovery Instructions


• Integrated Practice: Creating a Basic Integrated Motion Application Controlled over an EtherNet/IP Network

• Programming Group Motion Instructions

• Dynamically Altering Move Parameters

• Adding a Virtual Axis


• Programming Gearing Instructions

• Programming Position Camming Instructions

• Programming Time Camming Instructions

• Integrated Practice: Programming Dependent Motion Instructions for an Integrated Motion Application Controlled over an EtherNet/IP Network

Kirby Risk Training Cancellation Policy

 If you cannot attend the above class as scheduled, notify your Kirby Risk sales representative or Sophie Dillman at smdillman@kirbyrisk.com as soon as possible. If the enrollment is cancelled more than 16 days before the scheduled start of the event, 100% of the tuition will be refunded. If cancelled 16 to 8 days before the scheduled start of the event, 50% of the full tuition amount will be billed for standard enrollments. Cancellations received 7 days before the start of the event will be charged the full tuition. If a student fails to appear for a scheduled class, full tuition will be charged.